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Hello! I’m considering getting confinement meal delivery rather than a nanny, as I already have a helper, and we both agreed that we probably don’t need a nanny (plus bad prior experience). Wanted to ask for recommendations for confinement meals, and also your experience in terms of meal delivery times, food quality? I also understand that the confinement meals usually come with red date tea - what do you drink when you run out of that?

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I got mine from Nouriche (Richfood Pte Ltd). Very good experience. The website allowed me to write what I didn’t want (I’m a bit picky.. haha) so even though their standard menu had things like beans in it, on those days, they would give me a different vegetable and omit all the beans. Each meal comes with rice, meat dish, vegetable dish, soup (usually with meat too), some tea (it’s a huge bowl!) which has red dates and other stuff in it, and a cup of warm dessert too. (Please drink warm water when you’re not drinking red date tea. You need 3L of fluids a day to get the breastmilk supply going) I ordered the 28-day package with lunch and dinner. Very very filling for one person. Even shared the dishes with my husband and daughter. Haha. If you book it at least a month before your EDD, there’s an early bird pricing. Then after you give birth, while you’re in the ward, you can call up the line to tell them to start delivery the next day. When I had to bring my LO back to the hospital, I also requested to cancel some meal deliveries because I wouldn’t be home. They’ll do that readily, and extend the end date of the package. Go check out their website and see if this is what you’d want:)

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4y ago

There was variety, for sure, but as you know, after a while, confinement food is confinement food 😂 Herbs and ginger and red dates. In terms of meat, they would rotate pork (pork ribs.. there was a lot of this/lean pork slices, pigs trotters), chicken (black chicken/white chicken thigh, etc), fish (salmon, snakehead fish, cod, etc) Desserts and teas were a bit more repetitive, but that’s to be expected.

I ordered mine from Tian Wei signature. Food delivered on time. However at times food came slightly earlier as they deliver by areas I guess- lunch ever came before 11am & dinner ever came before 5pm. Portion was good, more than enough (Maybe I am small eater). I get different varieties of fish, chicken, vegetables & soup everyday. At times I get dessert too! Plus 2cups of red dates tea for lunch & dinner. I tried their 7days package & end up extend to 21days. No regret.

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Currently doing my confinement now. Engaged tianwei. Love their food. Comes with 4 big bubble tea cups of long gan red dates tea a day. Just remember to finish all within the same day. I couldn't finish mine, left it in a water bottle and drank it the next day. Having food poisoning now 😅


Can try Tian Wei Signature, each meal comes with 2cup of red dates tea, if you need more you can brew yourself, quite convenient

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Got mine from Tian Wei Signature too. Good variety and on time delivery - lunch around 11 and dinner 5