Unhygienic people in the husband's family .

My husband's father 24/7 doesnt know how to flush toilet , bring up the seat to pee or to clear whatever he spitted in the sink. And it's so unhygienic. Husband's mother 24/7 eat alr doesnt wash her hands (?) Husband's siblings as well. And the thing is, my baby is coming out soon and it makes me feel this will cause my child to have alot of issues in future aka hygiene issues & skin issues if she were to come in contact w them . Helps, what can I do ? I am alr tired of living w them . Want to get housing helps from MSF but they keep on psychoing my husband about not to move .

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Same for my family. My brother doesn’t flush the toilet and doesn’t aim well, hands also briefly washed. My dad often clear his nose with his hands and smokes and didn’t wash his hands and touch LO, and my LO has smoke smell. My entire family hygiene is 1/10, but my baby is 4mo now, he has great skin and touchwood haven’t fall sick. Maybe clean your LO as often as you can. I did that and my mom still scolded me for being anal -.-“

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