Warming of refrigerated breastmilk

Hi all, how do you warm refrigerated breastmilk safely such that it retain its nutrients? Is it safe to use bottle warmer such as Avent? Bottle warmer seems to heat up very fast..i am concern it will overheat the milk.

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Super Mum

Bottle warmers/a bowl of hot water are some ways to warm the milk. Philips Avent’s one has no timer, hence it runs the risk of overheating, especially at the higher settings. Some other brands have timers. The benefit of Philips Avent is that at the highest setting, the milk from the fridge can probably be heated up within 1-2 minutes.

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I use avent bottle warmer but dont cross the mid line.. as baby grows up it makes it easier to gauge when he will be hungry

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I use tommee tippee bottle warmer.. i find it easier n not having to worry if its too hot or not hot enough..

It's ok to use Avent warmer. Just keep an eye and make sure it doesn't overheat

Super Mum

I just use a bowl of hot water and put the bottle in

using bowl of hot water to warm


I'm using advent bottle warmer