Please share your experience in bringing expressed breast milk out for shopping etc. Do you store inside a cooler bag? How do you warm up the milk for baby?

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I store in a cooler bag. I also bring a flask of warm water and a bowl to warm the milk up before feeding. if I'm goin to feed soon within the hr or next then I will just keep the freshly expressed milk in the bag for the next feeding. I always wonder how the other mummies bring expressed breast milk out too.

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I store them in a container then put in cooler bag.. I bring along a bottle of hot water.. when required to drink will just the hot water to warm up.. if in the restaurantu can ask them for hot water to warm up or if there is a nursing room will use the hot water to warm the milk up....

freshly expressed bm can last for 4 hours. if i were ti express immediately before i go out, ill bring the freshly expressed bm out for feed. if im bringing chilled ebm, ill bring along a flask of hot water and a container for warming up the milk.

Yes I store them in my cooler bag and also a flask if warm water with a cup. Pour the warm water into the cup and place the ebm. But if I were to feed like within an hour or so, I will warm it up first and bring it out.

im a fully ep mum, baby is on full ebm. what I do is, prepack the milk in milk bottles, warm one bottle up, the rest put in cooler bag, bring a flask of hot water and metal cup.

If you are outside, the best is to latch directly. Cos it really depends on how many hours u are outdoor. Even in cooler bag, the milk would change quality of it is too long

Yes I store the EBM in cooler bag. And I warm it using tommee tippee portable bottle warmer.

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For me I will warm the milk before I go out and put it in a thermal bag.

I store in a cooler bag, brought along the portable bottle warmer.