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How to stop your child from buying toys/chocolate. I keep explain but my boy dont listen to me. im so scare to passby supermarket and 7/11 now.

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How old is your child? Could you share if he clean up his toys nicely after playing, or brushes his teeth after meals (Or drink more water or milk, or finish his food on his plate etc)? If he does not, tell him firmly that he has a duty to look after and treasure the toys given to him, or to look after his dental hygiene etc However, if he does do as you instruct (be it keeping his toys after play, finished his milk...) then before you go out with him, explain to him the purpose of your trip: to grab some food for dinner and not to buy toys. Toys can be bought on special occasions ... do explain to need to be firm

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Must insist. A ‘no’ means a ‘no’. I let my gal cry and throw tantrum in public. In the end, i still tell her ‘no’. Ultimately, she stops. Passerby who are parents will understand you. Don’t worry too much. Those who don’t understand, are not parents yet. 💪🏻

What happens if you don’t let him? Does he throw a tantrum?

3y ago

yes. dont wan to go.