How to stop kid from disobey

Hi parents. My child is 30 month old kid tend to have 0 awareness. LO will keep laughing and think is funny even we say "no, stop, dont do that" will keep repeating doing what was told not to do until i flare up so badly e.g. I have to Scream my lung out to get LO stop. Often (everytime) i got guilt tripped after screaming but that tend to be the only way to stop my LO from doing something . E.g. When shower LO will keep close the lever and laugh it off. Many times Frastruated kick in which is wrong but i couldnt control esp whe i say stop 3rd warning was alr give to LO. #advicepls #1stimemom #theasianparent_thailand

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Usually at that age, they usually immitate what you're doing.. If you're screaming, they will scream back.. If you're angry, they also will immitate and angry back at you.. You can tell them, not to do that but you have to tell why.. Hope it's helpful, good luck mommy💕