How to stop baby (with teeth) from biting during latching???

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Talking to them definitely helps. They may be very young like 6 mths old but trust me, they understand us as much as our elder child does. The only thing is that they can speak like us yet. They will talk to us in their baby language which we don't understand. Taking this opportunity, we will have to educate them it hurts to bite. This isn't right. Give them teether and tell them that he/she can bite on this if they want. Nipples are meant for milk only and can only suck.

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I will pinch my son nose, and tell him firmly NO BITE BITE! Must be fierce, dun let him think you joking, after that he seldom bite anymore. Just be careful as he grow older, dun offer him if he don't want to drink or got distracted, the tendency of letting him bite is higher unnecessary instead. Now he do understand no bite bite and drink milk milk difference.

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When baby starts to bite, look at baby with a stern look and telling him/her that it hurts. It may seemed silly to talk to an infant but nowadays infants are very smart and they know and understand what we are talking about. You need to speak with them like a grown up kid and educate them at the same time. It works on all my kids so far.

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Stop breastfeeding momentarily is one ofthe most effective ways to teach baby that feeding and biting do not go together. When baby bites, remove him or her from your breast calmly and whisper a soft "no". Doing this repeatedly will eventually help baby associate that biting and nursing are not good together.

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If baby is biting at the beginning of a nursing session, make sure baby opens wide when latching on. If your teething baby is biting at the beginning of a nursing session, try giving her a teething toy or something cold to chew on before nursing. Praise baby when she latches on correctly, without biting.

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Pinch their nose gently when they bite. It'll trigger their natural reflex to release the grip to breathe. They will learn to associate over time that biting equates to pinching of nose, which equates to no milk. Meanwhile, keep calm and brace on. :)

Haha. For me I tries to tell baby nicely but useless. I scolded him also useless. Then I flick my fingers on his lips. It helps for me lah. Cos of all resorts it's not helping but only when I flick my fingers.