How do you sanitize the toys

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Since we have a dog that likes toys as much as my children do, so I have to sanitise toys each time. And there are times when our pet gets hold of any of the toy and runs around the home to play, and such times, I wash the toys before my children get their hands on them. But having sanitising spray is a boon because you cannot wash all the toys all the time.

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We wash it with soap every weekend before putting them back to the container. We really try to do it every week as much as possible. During weekdays, we just use baby wipes.

I saw Ecomom sterilizer but found it a bit expensive. Thinking of buying pag may next baby na. For now, I use the santizing spray. Cradle has one but I prefer Nature to Nurture

5y ago

any photos of your sanitizing spray?

Hello, I have a sanitising spray that I spray the toys with. I prefer to wash toys in between. And sanitise them every day before my daughter starts her play.

5y ago

having hard time to find chance to wash in between as I am a single mom of a 14 month old twins.. haizt. not sure if I can find a sanitizing spray here in Philippines though

We bought a surface disinfectant for toys and other areas. I think the brand is Cycles, it's available in Robinson's Department store.