How old was your child when you didn't need to put him to sleep in your arms anymore? I already find my little one too heavy to hold. He was not used to sleeping on his own no matter how I tried it when he was still a baby.

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I think after 8 or 9 months when the baby starts sitting on her own without a support. I mean it depends on how heavy is the baby to hold. Had my baby been heavier I would have started making him sleep on the cot than holding her. See you will have to anyway stop today or tomorrow of putting him to sleep in your arms. And later you do that difficult it will be for him to adapt. I suggest get him a carry cot where you can put him to sleep and take him around the house wherever you are working. This way he won't feel being left alone as well.

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6 months old pwede nang hindi patulugin sa arms