How old were your kids when they first tried their first fast food?

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Babies are smart little sweeties -- they just know what the good stuff are haha. My friend has to eat her fast food away from baby because even though he has never tasted it before, he seems to want her burger or fries every time she brings it back home. Maybe the smell of the fastfood is addictive? She does not want to let him try fastfood till he is atleast a year and a half or two. So for now, she'll avoid bringing home fastfood or eating at KFC or something when they are out haha!

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My niece got her first bite of my cousin's McNuggets and fries at the grand age of 14 months. Haha.. Now my cousin has to order her fries without salt because my niece will "fight" for the packet. That being said, my cousin prepares most of the food and would sometimes air-fry/bake nuggets and potato as a healthier alternatives. Still, my niece seemed to be able to know the difference between store-bought and homemade "fast food". Children these days are real smart!

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My daughter had a bite of her first ice cream when she was 10 months. After she turned two I started giving her a 'junk treat' once in every two-three months to help her body adjust to junk food as well. I think it is okay to give junk food to your kids once in a while :)

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My 14 month old has had a few fast food treats occasionally but hes still too young to appreciate/ recognize the difference. I'm planning on keeping him off it till he's at least 2.5 years

My sister only gave my niece fast food at around 4 years old and it's definitely been positioned as a treat, not something that she is allowed to have all the time!

my daughter is 3 years old and I have never let her eat Junk food yet. We always tell her that Junk food is not healthy and we have never had junk food in front of her.

My daughter was 3 an it was because we was always on the go with my work an stuff. I just always made sure she had her healthy food for dinner an breakfast.

He was 6 months when I and my husband took him out to a eatery where we bought ice cream for him. He just took little of it

10 months she had icecream and sausage although just a little of both as she want no more of it😬

10 months+ started with KFC mashed potatoes / McDonald's breakfast porridge when we travel.