Sex after being a mother

Hey Mummies! I'm a FTM who delivered in Nov 2019. Since then, I'm just so tired from taking care of baby, doing housework and work stuff. Sex is definitely the last thing I think of. My husband has been bringing up then we haven't had sex for so many months. But I just feel so dry and totally no mood for it. Don't even feel like being intimate or being touched. On the other hand, I feel guilty for not satisfying his desire too. Sigh, any mummies feel this way too? How long after delivery did you have sex again?

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I also delivered last Nov and we started getting intimate around 3 months pp. I'm also taking care of baby alone with no helper so I understand fully, yes will be tired and no mood for anything but sleep. However do try to relax and I think couple time will help to get you into the mood. For me we will have some couple time after the kids go to bed by having some cheese, wine, chocolate or ice cream while we just chill and chat about things other than the baby. Really try not to go too long without sex as it may gradually become the norm and eventually just lose the sparks and won't happen anymore. Men and women have different love languages and unlike women, men do need physical intimacy to feel loved and the truth is a lack of it will put strain on the relationship over time. Especially for alot of couples sex life changes drastically after having a baby and the husband will feel left out as mummy focus is on the baby. If no mood for sex, just try to start off with some cuddles, hugs and kisses and gradually move on from there. At least will make your husband feel more loved and show that you are making an effort.

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Understand how you feel. Try to relax yourself. Maybe can have sex over the weekend. Maybe can get your hubby to look after and do some house work to lessen your tiredness. I feel that not having sex for too long is not very good. Especially when during pregnancy we also difficult to have sex. What I do was 1 month once. Slowly baby get bigger then to 1 week once. At least better then don't have. Talk to hubby. Let him understand.

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Exactly in the same shoe as u. So tired plus I breastfeed my baby. Didn’t bother to wear sexy or dress nice cause even when go out, I need to wear the same boring nursing tops/ clothes that is ez for me to bf baby. Hah.. hubby and I didn’t spoke about it yet too. But I noticed he is surfing porn more than usual. Dk if he alr gave up on me or what.... haiz.. but really no mood and I am always worrying about my baby

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Yeah i delivered in Oct 2019.. after i finish the postpartum period, my husb quickly wanted to have sex.. i just follow his desire but i was too tight n dry. Even he notice it but he still wants sex.. aiya.. men will be men.. sometimes i had to fake it that i enjoyed it haha.. but now after 4months postpartum i'm back to normal, i have the feeling alrdy 🤭

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It’s normal. Too tired and stressed over baby, chores, work and so on. I delivered in Jul 2019 and still hasn’t had sex. Feel bad too but i talked to my husband. I also not ready for a second child. Want to spend more time with my baby first.

yes, it happened. I was soo frustrated when I tried doing it after soo many month coz I can't 'enjoy' it. Feel soo dry and constantly thinking if LO wake up.


Sex frequency will get lesser its normal.