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How do you mummies boost your milk supply? Ive been pumping less than 50ml?! 😭

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Boost milk supply you can do power pump twice a day, every 3 hours pump 40 mins, consume oats, milo, milk, yogurt, avocado, papaya, yam and plenty of water. Rest. Stress and lack of rest will cause supply to dip. Also if supply kept dropping there is a possibility of pregnant. As pregnant will cause supply to drop Did you miss your period?

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I have read this article that the milk we produce is equal to the milk that our babies needs. It’s like supply and demand. Unless you have clogged ducts which i did in the beginning and needed massage and heat therapy. How old is ur baby?

12mo ago

he is 1year now. recently went for his 1year follow up check up and doctor asked if ive been giving lesser milk to my son.. probably the weight change...?

gyne has prescribed fenugreek after delivery for my case...think it also depends on the interval u pump. subsequently it will keep up the level. I pump every 2 to 3 hours interval to boost up the supply in the early stage.

Try acupuncture if you are open, it helps. And eat more supplements like fenugreek etc. can also eat lactation cookies or order lactation meals to boost supply from diet.


Pump more frequently but do not stress about it. get enough sleep and water/nutrients. i went from 30 ml to average 80-100 for pump session (3 hours gap)

you can do the “magic 8 pumping” - pump 8 times a day..drink water, milo with oatmeal, soups.. 😀

Breast Massage While Nursing or Pumping, Take some Lactation Cookies