How much do u feed lo for the first time and how to store and do u give cold or warm? After giving this do u still give milk?

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I prefer to give it at room temperature. Will scoop a bit out on a bowl and leave the rest on the fridge . Will heat up using my warmer or steam it. Freshly prepared will be better actually if u have the time to make. I use bottled if I have don't have time to prepare or traveling .. U can use a slow cooker to cook in small portions. I bought a small slow cooker recently at Baby Fair. Size just right for making baby food.

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According to the serving suggestion, you simply spoon into a bowl and serve cold. Discard uneaten serving and refrigerate any food left in the jar for up to 48 hrs. I reckon for young babies, to prevent them from being hooked to the sweetness, to start in small quantities and space it throughout the day, kindda like a snack.

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For first time feeding, try 2 to 3 tablespoons first. If he/she does not finish, throw it out. Refrigerate the bottle for up to 48 hours only. I give mine at room temperature. Try to gauge the preference of your lo. Maybe you can also heat up a bit but make sure that it's not scalding when you serve it. Try to drop some at your wrist.

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Baby is small , try to give room temperature instead. It's best not to give it often at young age as baby adapt to taste fast, especially it's somethings sweet, scare your baby might want something sweet instead of milk. If after 1 year old, it's fine. A bit cold once awhile is ok. I even give ice-cream when he teething also.

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i prefer to warm it up discard uneaten serving .. will still give my LO milk . cos this to them i find that is snack hee hee. as for me i dun prefer give this to my LO . best is to use real fruit . i blend it and smash it and filter it .

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For me, I scoop half a bottle onto a bowl, then the rest put in the fridge for tomorrow's consumption. Then after this will still give milk because is like a snack for the child. (It doesn't fill them up