How much are you willing to spend on a newborn gift when you visit your friend who just gave birth?

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For me it would really depend on how close I am to either one of the parents. I've bought a customized mink blanket for a really good friend of mine for about $100 which she can use until toddler age. If it's a colleague, I would normally pool money with other colleagues and contribute maybe $10-$20.

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how much to spend depends on how close you are to the person. suggesting : $20-$25 for a co-worker or acquaintance, $50 for a close friend, or $100 for a best friend or family member. For new born always gifted brand products :)

Yup. Same as most. With close friends, I would just ask what is needed and buy accordingly. With acquaintances, usually would share with other friends and the budget is typically around $10-30/person (depending on how big the group is).

For close friends, I don't mind going all out with gifts and money but if it's for colleagues or so, I'd usually contribute (no more than fifty dollars) to a joint-pool of monetary gift and if there's a card, I'd sign it as well.

About $50 if I am visiting at the hospital or home and about $100 for full month /welcome baby party.

It depends on how close with her/him :D