How accurate was your EDD?

For mums who had given birth, how many weeks were you when you gave birth? Hoping to get a sense of how accurate the EDD usually is!

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Depends if water bag leak or have any contraction feel. My first I gave birth 36 weeks due to water bag leak (not sure why maybe baby wants to come out faster.) Currently I’m preg with the second, gynae say hard to say which week will come out. Depends on the body condition can be water bag leak, baby facing direction or even contraction.

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For all my 3 kids, it’s 38 weeks 5 or 6 days plus. I thought itll be way earlier for my second and third because Dr said i need to monitor their weight as they were heavier but still delivered normal delivery without induce at 38 weeks plus. My first was induced.

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37 weeks for me, went for 37 weeks check up, next day had contractions and baby came

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first baby just one week before EDD but due to fever n influenza so pretty accurate

First child gave birth at 39w5d second child 38wks. Pretty accurate I would say

40w+5 and give birth through csec coz baby didn't want to come out

My 1st child was born exactly on her way EDD!! ❤️

First child born exactly on his EDD.

Gave birth at 39+2!

10 days later