How much are you willing to spend on your Lo first birthday?

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900 to 1.2K. Because my invited number of relatives and friends will approximately be around 25 to 35 pax. Plus the nice deco for once a year celebration. I think its a good investment that makes your child's day, retain aesthetically wonderful event for memories through photos. No offence to some, but i can see nowadays alot of parents are willing to save and spend alot for pre-wedding, newborn, family photoshoot.

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For baby shower I spend around 1k (35 paxs buffet and some simple deco). it should be around the range of 1k to 1.2k depending on how many guests you are inviting

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Depends on your crowd, mine was about 70pax hence we spent about 2k. Due to venue, catering, bbq, dessert table and cake. Initially my budget was 1k 😐

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i DIY baby shower 2 sessions. both cost less than 500 including all set up myself n food

$800- $1000 small scale party depending on who we are inviting

less than $50 ... celebrate with family members

I spent about $500+

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Around $800. :)


Less than 300