How long can frozen milk be kept thawed in the fridge? Can. It still be fed to bb as long as don't smell spoilt?

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Hope this helps.:) It takes around 12 hrs for frozen milk to thaw so it is advisable that you place it in the fridge the night before you are going to use it. Breatmilk can be fed as long as it doesn't smell bad. From what I have read, spoilt milk has a very strong smell so it's impossible not to know if it's already spoiled.

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Please use the thawed milk withing 24 hours. As long as it does not smell bad. After which you can use the excess milk into soap bars for both you and baby. BM is precious, dont waste it! :)

Frozen milk that is kept thawed in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Do a taste taste after warming it up before feeding it to your baby. Also, remember not to refreeze thawed breast milk.

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It is recommended to finish thawed milk within 24 hours

Frozen milk must finished within 24hrs after fully thawed. However, it is always recommended to test the taste before giving to lo

Consumed within 24hrs. I always do a taste and smell test before giving to my baby. Maybe you can do that to. Safer too?

thaw milk can only be put in the fridge for 24hrs. if the milk is spoilt, u can use for milk bath. don't waste it! :D

Recommended to use within 24hrs after it has been thawed..start calculating at about 90% thawed

24 hours, as frozen thawed milk doesn't have as much antibodies as fresh BM and will spoil more easily

Thawed Frozen Milk can only be kept in Fridge not more than 24 hours!

someone shared this chart online. so im forwarding it

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