hello, how long does it take for the teeth to come out? I can see two white lines now.

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Hi, Lower teeth generally comes before the upper teeth. It depends on baby to baby. Some babies show signs of first tooth as early as three months and as late as one year. Average child gets his set of full 20 teeth by the age of 3 years. Here's a chart of teething given below in this link, you check, and know. http://www.medicinenet.com/tooth_eruption_chart/views.htm

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5y ago

thanks dear! (:

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Should be in about 1-2 weeks. My baby when he is about 4 months old 2 teeths erupted . So it also depend on individual. Do look out for sign of teething.

5y ago

haha .. Yea same my baby during his teething period he is also cranky.. And milk intake more or less will decrease too. But after it erupt it will be fine. Be careful if you are latching.. They might bite.. haha

2 white lines would mean that the teeth are already coming out. They will be taller very soon. I think it grows ard 1mm in ard 1-2 wks

5y ago

thanks babe!!