I felt my baby’s teeth coming!

Hi mommies! A few days back I noticed white white (tooth like) thingy in my baby’s gum (incisors) . Today while cleaning his gum I felt that area are protruding. I think he is teething 😍 any mommy knows roughly how long will it takes for the teeth to cut through the gum and how can I help to soothe the pain (if he experiences any?)🙏🏻❤️😁 #firsttimemummy

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Super Mum

Hey mama! This is the start of new experiences for both you and baby!!! I find that they tend to be a lot more experimental with food once the teeth kick in! Different baby’s take different durations for their teeth to cut through. I find that to help soothe baby’s gums, there’re a few great ways: 1) freeze wet towels in the freezer and rub them on the gums or let baby chew on them 2) alternatively get water filled tethers and freeze them and let baby chew on them 3) Dentinox worked for all my children! Just place a little on the finger and massage baby’s gums. It’s sweet so most of them don’t reject it 4) teething toys are a lifesaver! Oh, and you might find baby wanting to grab your hand or finger to chew on every now and then - it’s normal.

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I call my boy a dog when he started teething since 2 months ago... kept on chewing on whatever he could reach including our hands, legs, remote control,hp... it had never stop since then coz he's still teething after 4 pop out....we just try to let him bite toys but he tends to prefer harder stuff to bite...

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The best have detinox, if he have alot of drooling and agitated. Apply this on the gums with your fingers.

There won’t be any pain but the child will feel the need to bite and grind something.