Hi, is it ok baby poop with white line? My bb is 9 mo old now. He eats 140 gr Greek yogurt a day. His poop has white lines . Is it ok? I m thinking yogurt come out from his poop... ?

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hi, i think the 140g yoghurt is also a bit too much. by the way, iron supplement usually results in greenish color poop. it could be other components of the yoghurt. i think for now, u can reduce it to 1-2 tablespoon, u may also want to consider to mix the yoghurt with other foods when feeding baby. but u may also want to see if its really the greek yoghurt that is causing it by removing it from his diet and see if things improve. white line is usually indigestion - not v major concern

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What I understood from my PD perviously was that Greek yogurt can only be given a small amount to the children below 1 yo as they need lesser iron rich food as compared to milk (which is mostly their staple). I feel that 140 gr might be too much as baby is only 9 mths old and he prob cant digest that much iron supplement.

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6y ago

Small amount means how much?