How long do I wait after taking a pregnancy test?

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For my babies no.1 and no.2 I tested positive after missed my period for 1 day. For my no.3, due to no mense I do not know that I am pregnant until I feel hungry all the times. I bought a home test kit and it said I am already 2-3 weeks pregnant. You can use clearblue digital pregnancy test to get results very early and more accurate compared to those strips type where the 2 lines are quite misleading whether you are pregnant or not. You can purchase the clearblue digital pregnancy test from guardian, Unity or Wastons for about $20 per stick.

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You mean how long will it takes for the line to appear when taking the pregnancy test? You can check on the instruction. However, it will be safe to wait at least 5 - 10 mins for the line(s) to appear.

I think You mean how long You wait to check the results? 5 mins not longer than 10 mins