How many weeks?

How do I know how many weeks my pregnancy is after doing a home pregnancy test and before going for the first appointment? I wish to wait until around 8 weeks then go for first appointment.#advicepls

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What i did after taking a home pregnancy test is to go to a nearby clinic to confirm my pregnancy. They will ask you when is your last period any abdominal pains etc and i also get a referral letter to the hospital. My first appt is set by the hospital when I'm about 9 weeks. I guess it depends on individual since i got to know that I'm pregnant when I'm about 1 month and 3 weeks late which is about 7 weeks. Calculate from your last period and then you will know how long you have conceive using this app helps too as it does tell you how many weeks you are right now 😊 goodluck mummy! ❤️

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I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant and quickly made an appointment. Got my first appointment when I was 7 weeks, and I could see baby through the scan. My friend however, when for scan on her 6th week and they couldn’t detect baby through the scan because still too early. Best to go 7-8 weeks for a peace of mind! ☺️

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You can perhaps try to use your last day of period as an estimation date, then from there calculate around what week you currently is then book an appointment for wk8. If you track your period, i think is it quite accurate, as mine is only +1 day that i have calculated when i did my ultrasound :)

Best to go for ur first scan 6 weeks onwards, as advised by my gynae. Too early can't see much. I started taking folic acid before pregnancy as advised by gynae too. Tested with home pregnancy kit after 1 week of missing my period. My period is pretty regular so we checked early.

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Usually your gynae will advise visit and scan at 7 or 8 weeks, that's when can see scan and start taking supplements. So won't make a wasted trip or money. When u make appt, they will ask u when was your last menses. Then they can tell how many weeks are u.

Gynae usually goes by last menses date, then schedule you at the 8th week. If your think you ovulated late, suggest to add another week and wait till week 9 from last menses period.

Found out about my pregnancy week 12, and did ultrasound scan at week 15 due to COVID for the delay appointment. Did not take any supplements before the ultrasound appointment.

I went at ard 8 weeks due to CB last yr. By then, was able to hear and see heartbeat clearly. For some mothers, any earlier may be hard to detect fetus on ultrasound.

Only by doing an ultrasound will you know exactly how many weeks you are not based on your LMP cos that is never accurate.

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Ok. Ty

8 weeks is good to make appointment as they can detect the heartbeat through the ultrasound