How long did it take you to lose all the baby weight?

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It took me a month to lose all the baby weight. I did not keep to any diet or exercise but for my first born, it took me near to 6 months to lose them all. I gained 25kg for my first born and only 10kg for my second. If you gained moderate weight during your pregnancy, it is easier to lose all the weight after giving birth. But if you gained too much which is not advisable, it will be longer. Most woman are advised to gain only 10-15kg depending on your size during pregnancy and most of the time, by 1 month postpartum you will be able to lose them all.

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My friends here in Sweden lose their weight almost immediately after birth. They don't really have long confinement periods and "pantang" here so after a week or two, they are back to the gym (doing light exercises of course) and eating healthy. Moreover, most mommies get close to a year of paid maternity leave so they definitely have more time to do the necessary for weight loss like exercise, eat right, breastfeed while taking care of baby.

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My friend took around close to 8 months. She's didn't really keep to any diet and lost the baby weight mainly through breastfeeding. As much as possible, she tried to eat well (having well balanced meals, nutritious snacks like nuts and fruits) and had plenty of fluid everyday. Also, she took the stairs everyday when she brought her baby down to the park and back.

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differs for both... 1st one more than 3y... 2nd one close to 6mo with more bf though still low supply

It took me one year

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Immediately after birth...

Still on the process

4 months