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How long after giving birth do you and your hubby return to making out? How do you count your fertile days without having the first actual menses? Means now I've stopped bleeding but it's the post partum bleeding. Mine stopped 2months from the day I delivered. Counted long?

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I have him a blowjob 5 days after giving birth. Hehehe. But we only make love 3 mths later. Counting the fertile days is very tricky, I'm not sure about that.

3y ago

😂😂😂 ya me also.... Lol

We started 3 mths later but even then We were using protection cos still fertile even through period haven’t come

Hi, It is best to use protection even when there is no menses for now

Best to use protection either way. We started after 2 months.

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3 months later(:

About 2 months.

About 8m later