How do you know if your child is the bully or being bullies at school? And when you find out, how do you deal with it?

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Aside from the obvious physical scratches/bruises, one of the signs of being bullied is that your child seems afraid of going to school or makes up excuses as to why s/he can’t go to school. You can ask your child “I’ve heard a lot about bullying in the news. Is that going on at your school?” Then continue asking leading questions. Based on his answers, you can discuss it with the teacher or guidance counselor. But if your child is the bully, you can explain to him/her why it is not good. Some signs of being a bully are aggressive, hot tempered and impulsive.

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You may want to read this listicle! It's very informative for parents.

When he is silent or biglang nagbabago pananalita or activity niya lalo na pag mas gustu niyang mag self isolate