How to improve preschool kid Chinese? She doesn’t like to improve her Chinese language. Please help. Thanks!

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Scout around your area for some enrichment centres that offer fun learning with Chinese such as simple Chinese idiom stories, face mask painting, calligraphy, making dumplings, Chinese rhymes and songs. Encourage her to speak and write simple stories, then fill it with her own drawings and colourings. All the best!

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I'll say the best way to learn is to learn through play :) Doesn't have to be flashcards, worksheets, enrichment classes etc - but more of games! Things like song play, music play, pretend play, sensory play etc.

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Beva (贝瓦儿歌) on YouTube, and Chineasy flash cards are great too. Most importantly is to interact with her in Chinese, it’s the best way to learn and get used to a language.

Speak to her in chinese more, and find enrichment centres makes learning the language more fun

You can try to use wawayaya joyreader app, it helps to improve Chinese


sent mine to enrichment centres though tye choice differ from child to child

Try talking to her in Chinese more instead

Pink Fong Chinese on YouTube

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talk to her in Chinese more?

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talk to her in chinese more