My preschool kid don't like to speak or learn Chinese. Any suggestions to improve her Chinese apart from joining expensive language school. Thanks

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Even if they attend expensive enrichment classes, the Teachers will still tell you that the usage of language at home daily is still the most important factor to help the child improve. Just have to speak more (at least 1 parent to speak mandarin with the child) , listen more (Chinese songs, stories & videos) and read more. Single word cards (with no pictures) to get them started on word recognition. Instead of just flashing the cards to them, use them to play some simple games too.

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I let my 3 year lil Ger watch YouTube videos lol! Beside that, i download cute apps in Chinese. Like from FisherPrice, it's free. I also made flashcards , just white paper and red markers. It's like a game where she read words and place them on the objects. Like door and fans in Chinese then different body parts also.

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7y ago

Hi. Which Chinese YouTube videos does your child watch? Search for?

Perhaps show her some educational shows in Chinese? It would helps greatly if the parents ask converse in Mandarin instead of English. I guess to get her interested is the most important way, maybe use the Chinese characters to relate a story? Be positive and encouraging is very important too!

My younger boy have the same issue so i started speaking to him in Mandarin whenever possible and have him to reply me in Mandarin. Read Chinese story books to him and interact with him using Mandarin. Do it everyday! Soon u will find him wanting to speak to u in Mandarin.

You can try bringing them to the library and helping them choose some age-appropriate story or picture books. Can also try some music CDs just to immerse them in the environment. Can also have play dates with children who are more conversant in mandarin.

You can buy from Lazada. Hansvision edictionary. Or wawayaya joyreader app. It helps a lot. The App can pronunciation, teach how to write Chinese word, record, and and edictionary, Chinese and English explanation.. My son also using it now.

Perhaps make it interactive? Make her interacting in chinese more fun - i.e. with chinese game apps etc. Here's a super useful link with the top chinese apps:

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You could also purchase some books! There is quite a wide variety of interesting Chinese books in major stores like Popular, filled with interesting images and audio clips! Hope this helps (-:

I believe is the teacher.. my son did not like to speak chinese until he has a change of CL teacher after 3 terms in K2.

you can try it here before my son tried it