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Hello! I love this community so much. Sino po from Philippines here, I wanted to follow yall hehehehhehe ☺️ I am a first time mom from Davao City.
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From the Philippines, nasa Quezon City ako pero taga-Davao family ko! 🙋🏻‍♀️
Hey mamshies! Just wanna share that DRY DIAPER PANTS are super saver! Easy to wear! Less hassle pag isuot kay baby. Well, we prefer to buy HUGGIES PANTS. Just wanna ask for any other recommendation th
Huggies baby din bebe ko. Kaso mahirap lang pag pants pag may poop siya, 8months pa lang siya, kaya dun ako sa Huggies Dry Diapers. Mamypoko okay din may kamahalan lang.
I have so many! Can anyone relate to what I am feeling?
I'm afraid I'd lost my baby while on pregnancy just like what happened last year when I had a miscarriage. I'm 15 weeks pregnant right now. I'm scared that I can't make it through giving birth or that
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SIDS! I was deathly afraid of my baby just dying while he's asleep, so i'd watch him while he's sleeping—just to make sure he's still breathing!
Postpartum Weight Gain:
HEY! I am so happy to finally found this community! As a newbie mamsh NAG GAIN PO AKO NG SO MUCH WEIGHT! Please comment po pano kayo nag lose weight or meron ba dito kagaya ko na still struggling HOW
Try to watch Ms. Isabelle Daza's recent vlog on Youtube about her post-partum weight and how she lose it.