How does one instill religious traditions in their child?

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Kids pick up everything they see a home so if u are a religious family, ur kid will absorb some of it naturally. In our case, we are atheists. My kids do not believe in God or any religion. However, my elder one knows about all religions and respects them all, and also respects the religious sentiments of others. Even though we do not practice any religion we do celebrate most festivals from various religions. I believe ur child will learn best when u make it seem natural and not forced upon.

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With kids, one thing is there that they do what they see. They are such big imitators that if they see their parents doing something, they follow it unknowingly. So, the best way to install religious traditions in the child is to yourself follow them. But never force them on the child. Because sometime this thing backfires and kids do not want to do, what you want. Let them be free, let them observe you and themselves embrace what you do.

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we are atheists and do not follow any religious practice at home. but we do celebrate all festivals and i make it a point to tell my kids what it is we are celebrating. for them, instead of the event taking on a religious undertone, it is more of a joyous occasion with some historical background.

You can practise all religious activities in front of your child. When he will see you doing all these things , he himself will follow all the religious practices you believe in.

Instead of instilling, try practising... when elders in the family, follow a routine, child follows that.