Braxton hicks contraction

Im at 38weeks+2days now.. i am currently experiencing vaginal discharges (gel like) with a tinge of blood and it will appear like up to 5times per day.. and also am experiencing braxton hicks contraction.. but now the feeling of my braxton hicks contraction are getting more stronger and my stomach will be rock hard.. but i dont think this is labour contraction as the duration of between contraction keep varies.. does anyone experience the same?

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I think you’re probably starting labour. By the looks of it, I think that’s your mucus plug. If you say your BH is coming and going I think those are contractions and not BH. Keep timing your contractions. Mine was irregular timing as well for the whole day. But I called up the nurse and she asked me to go hospital. 1hr after I reach my water bag burst and I was 4cm dilated already. Watch out for more frequent contractions with shorter intervals. Standby waterproof mat or towels in case your water bag burst cause it’s be a gush of water coming out you can’t anticipate or control at all. Good luck and hope labour will be easy for you!

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You can call up your hospital/gynae and they will advise you accordingly.