How do I get my child to get used to sitting in the carseat whenever we travel? Sometimes I have to let her watch baby videos before she eventually settles in. But I do not want to make this a habit.

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My cousin's baby use to fuss a lot when he was first put into the car seat. Eventually, since the car seat is portable, she brought the car seat up to the house and placed at her baby's play area. Very frequently, she would try to place him them for a few minutes while he's awake until he fusses, otherwise when the baby is sleeping, towards the end when she sees him starting to toss around (a sign for her that he's waking up), she would put him in the carseat so that he wakes up in it. The car seat soon began to be familiar to the baby & it was easier to strap him in. Also, make sure that your baby can see through the window so it keeps him distracted to even trees passing by.

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It is very normal for baby to fuss when you put baby in the car seat as he/she does not like to be strapped. When my son was 1.5 years old, we bought a car and introduced car seat to him. What I did was to offer a toy/snacks for him after strapping him onto the car seat and tell him where are we going now and I appreciate if he can sit well during the ride. After sometimes he get used to it and did not fuss anymore, even without the need of giving snacks.

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