Do you feel awkward being naked in front of your spouse?

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Depends till now when I shower I will keep my door open n my hubby wil be gaming in his HP & we chit chat abt hm or baby topic but if he STOP HP & start looking at me then OMG I will suddenly feel shy then quickly take a towel n wrap up myself hahahahaha duno why also

Haha first time of course, was v conscious abt my scars/cellulite although I was still under 50kg. 20kg later with stretch marks and pregnant with baby, I didn't care anymore. Hubby even offered to help shave before delivery 😆

2y ago

So sweet of him.

Nope, marriage is when both of us surrender our body and soul to each other wholeheartedly. No barrier :)

2y ago

This is the best answer here.

Before i was pregnant, I don’t feel any awkward. But after being pregnant, yes i do feel a lil’bit

2y ago

I thought usually is the first time will feel awkward. After see so many times should be used to it.

The first few time as bf/gf.

A little , yes

A little!!


a little

A little

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