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How do you deal with grandparents who thinks they are right to always want to “hog” on to your child most of the time? Makes me feel like a surrogate haiz

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I don't have solutions but as a fellow first-time mum, I want to let you know that your feelings are valid even though your spouse does not understand and agree. Thankfully due to the covid situation and two-visitors limit, we hardly visit my in-law so I'm spared from the 'hogging'. But I know I'd definitely feel irritated if it happens. :)

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9mo ago

Before the 2-visitors limit, FIL tried to make us go over with baby, even after his workplace turned into a big covid cluster. 😒 We had to send a long text explaining why we couldn't risk it. Then came the 2-visitors-a-day rule and we haven't visited since.