PIL & Baby’s first time(s)

How to deal with PIL who always want to be with us for baby’s first time(s)? Keyword: always Baby’s first time go school, baby’s first time go zoo, baby’s first time go aquarium, baby’s first pool experience.. etc, etc. Not that they can’t follow us to outings but please, there are times when I just want me hubs and baby to spend the time together. Baby’s first time(s) are pretty special and it makes me feel like… I don’t even know what to describe. Always want to be there with us anywhere. And what makes it worst is that hubs is a mama’s boy. So… every time it’s a OK with whatever she wants.

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Don’t tell them your next move. Hahaha. No, seriously. Don’t tell anyone what you’re planning for your baby. Just let it be between you and your husband. If they ask, just say going out. If they see pics online, just say yeah, we went there. That’s it. No further explanation needed. Your husband needs to respect you and the privacy of his own little family. If they ask why never tell them, is there a need to? I just want some alone time with my husband and my baby, sorry. Rude, they’ll say but they’ll eventually back off. My own mother is like that towards my brother’s baby twins. I told her to back off lah, they are first-timers, surely there are things that they want to do themselves as a family. She said my SIL is ok with her tagging along. I said of course, she don’t wanna hurt your feelings. Then I said do you like it if she wants to tag along with you and Dad whenever you wanna go out? No right? So respect their privacy. Eventually she learned to back off.

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If I were u, I will not wish my PIL to get involved in all e first time of my baby.. These are such special moments for lifetime why shld I always share it with them? You can try telling your hubby, if your parents wanna join, then I shld also get my parents too cos they are also baby’s grandparents! ✌🏻 Make sure u stand firm as mummy, otherwise there more your PIL going to get themselves involve in your baby (including how u gg tot teach).. Im supporting u mummy!

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Ya don’t tell them. Just do it and plan it on your own. Then tell your hubby to free his time will do. 😏 so irritating, i do feel like is nice to just us parents and baby go out, have some couple and child’s time etc. when go out with other people still need to entertain and accommodate.. cannot do it all the time, so tiring!!!

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oh yes.. these are times I regret marrying mama's boy. Not only cos he cant reject his parents, but also extremely calculative over money even when he earns more, whole time facing the phone. If the husband doesnt support family, then might as well be a single mom?

abit too over.. dont tell them so much next time.. of cos not to the extend totally dont talk to them but minimum..