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How To Choose Which Brand Of Fresh Milk to go for toddler?

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As long as it’s full cream fresh milk, any brand it’s fine, also as long as your LO likes and willing to drink coz every brand their taste is slightly different. So far my LO drink any brand, most of the time give her Magnolia and Farmhouse

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I would suggest that you let your little one try few popular fresh milk brands and buy the brand most suited for your child

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Any brand .. but don’t give direct one , mix up with equal proportions of water n milk for easy digestion initially

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Trial and error I guess, most fresh milk is OK for toddlers, you can try orgaNic ones too

Any brand also ok, depends on ur kids which one they like...

honestly any.... depending on what LO wants and likes

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We went with Meiji brand for our daughter

Dependent on wat lo prefers

Just keep trying

LO preference