How can parents help make their children successful in school?

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Keep up to date with her activities in school. Regularly go thru with her on what she has learnt for the day, and during free times, asked her to "teach" you what she has learnt. Tons of motivation & support and the occasional reward. I praised my daughter a lot when she learns something new, and she gets in all smiles and motivated to learn more whenever she hears me complimenting her.

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What is your definition of success? Academics? Being popular? Excelling at sports? I intend to raise my child to be a well-rounded student. Ideally, just the right amount of positive stress with enough time for outdoor activities will make a child happy and positive. A happy child is likelier to be motivated to study.

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Support your kids! Be it with encouraging them for taking part in the extra curricular activities or helping them dealing with the textbooks. Encourage them to excel in whatever they do. Tell your kids that you are proud of them. Just put your faith in them and they will never let you down.

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Secret is If you know your kids personality and you able to be their personality you can teach them. And they will be able to scores better! there are strategies school doesnt teach which can helps your child score better.

this is tricky question. i dont really want to make my children successful in school. as long as they are doing well in their studies, nurture well on their characters, i think this is the best they can do.

Be involved in their studies and school activities. Parent engagement is one of the most effective platform in setting up your children for success in their school.❤️

I think the first step would be asking yourself what’s your definition of success , in other words your expectation for them .

Make sure they get involved in extra activities and you get involved too. Learn what they are enjoying and encourage more of it

Develop their soft skills. Check out this article for more info -

As long as they have GOOD grades. That’s fine with me. No To rush things. They will shine on their own time. 😉