Hihi mummy mummy out there, on your 12 weeks of pregnancy did the doctor ask to take this test? This is to check all sorts of genetic disorders. #firstbaby #ingintahu #advicepls

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Tulis jawapan

I chose to have it done at 12 weeks due to my age. The peace of mind of knowing all’s well is worth it. Perhaps you can ask the doctor why he/she recommend this elective test to you? You may also delve deeper into what the test entails before you decide. Best of luck!

I took it at week 13. Doctor actually discouraged it as he said I'm not in high risk category. I'm below 35. But I did it anyway, all came back low risk and can tell gender as it says if Y chromosome is detected. Cost is RM1,500.

I did it on 14weeks. I was asked to take a blood test, which also includes the tests to check for genetic disorders. Thankfully the result is not at increased risk.

11mo ago

Oh I see thank you ! Will check it out 😉

Im 41, obes, gap between the elders is 16y. now still 9 weeks, so i will take this testing in 3 more weeks. pls pray my baby will be okay and healthy ya... ameen..

9mo ago

Prayed for you.. 😄

Im in my 9 weeks and my docs suggested me to do this as well. It’s 99% accuracy and im gonna do it next week! Wish me luck!

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How's it works?

9mo ago

Just need to draw blood from mummy's arm for the test and they are able to tell fetal dna. Can check if all baby chromosomes are normal, ie no down syndrome / edwards / patau. As they can detect presence of Y chromosome, can tell gender of baby too.