Hi there! I'd like to get your pro's and con's thoughts on giving birth in St. Lukes BGC vs. Makati Med. Thanks so much! :-)

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Maybe in choosing which of the two, you should consider these: Where shall you be coming from on your due date? Is the other more convenient for you to travel to? Is your Ob-gyne affiliated in any of the two? Is there an anesthesiologist there tied up with your OB to administer pain meds? To help you decide on what will work best for you, here are some pro's and con's I found: MMC 1. The halls are not well lit 2.They have a nursery so you can rest first while the baby is there and not yet in need of breastfeeding 3. Their Labor and Delivery room is spacious and nice 4. Comfort rooms are quite hard to spot 5. Some rooms have windows, some doesn't 6. Some rooms don't have a fridge 7. Less expensive with green card 8. Philhealth accredited St.Lukes Global 1. They have newer building and facilitites 2. They don't have a nursery. all babies are to stay with their moms except those that require intensive care 3. The anesthesiologists there are on rotation so you wouldn't know who will administer the pain meds to you 4. Comfort rooms are easy to find 5. Costs are worth it for the quality service you get 6. You can ask for a staff from the front desk for a tour 7. Birthing rooms are spacious 8. Recovery rooms are bigger and have fridges and lazy boy couches 9. All rooms have windows. 10. Philhealth accredited Find out more of what other moms think about both hospitals from these sites http://motherhoodops.blogspot.com/2013/07/makati-medical-center-or-st-lukes.html http://www.femalenetwork.com/girltalk/index.php/topic,258449.255/wap2.html https://carlarunstheworld.com/tag/makati-med-review/ http://www.mommytopaz.com/2010/10/giving-birth-at-st-lukes-global-q.html#.V1EW8FepqRs

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Gave birth at St. Luke's BGC and was pretty happy with the facilities and service! Nurses are fantastic and the lactation consultant makes regular visits. Though we live closer to Makati Med, one consideration was also the traffic situation and parking for our guests. Parking in MMC is really hard. St. Luke's BGC has ample parking and the hospital itself is much less cramped.

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Hi may i know much ang nagastos nyo lahat lahat para may idea ako? Tia.

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Hi mommy. Ung OB ko sa first born ko has clinic both sa makati med and St. Luke’s BGC. Sha mismo may sabi na mas better ang facilities ng SLMC BGC. And parking is better.

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Shaney - i gave birth via NSD (VBAC) kahit premature si baby. Magaling na OB si Dr. Karen Torredes. Plan na talaga namin na VBAC ako even before the mishap happened. We were aiming to delay and do something about the contractions kaso di na kinaya premature talaga lumabas si baby pero atleast hindi na ako CS.