Hi mums, i heard that frequent pumping helps to bring bm in earlier esp during the initial month. how frequent should pumping be?

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Milk production very much depends on demand and supply. May I know if you are also breastfeeding and pumping or exclusively pumping? If possible, do try to direct latch your baby frequently. Emptying your breasts more frequently will result in more milk coming in. If you direct latch and pump, you may pump after latching your baby to make sure your breasts are fully emptied. An average is about once every 3 hours (~8 times a day). If you're pumping exclusively, ideally you should spend about 2 hours a day in total. Here are some ways of increasing milk supply: http://sg.theasianparent.com/how-to-increase-breast-milk-supply/

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Nothing is more effective than direct latch! If you're pumping then pump according to baby's cues. Preferably every 2 to 3 hours. Maybe you can add on a power pump daily to increase supply. Stop when you have met baby's needs.

It differs for all mummies. You can try the power pump, it will help to generate more milk.

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