Any tips on choosing a preschool? What should we look out for?

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First of all, I will choose based on the curriculum that I believed in, i.e. Montessori. 1. Curriculum: Most of the preschools are based on thematic learning. Montessori school, Reggio Emillia, International preschool are very expensive compared to normal preschool. 2. School distance from School: I set priority when looking for schools that are montessori based and narrowed down my search based on the distance from my house. It will be tiring for kid to travel on a long journey and thus try to choose school that is nearer to your house. 3. School Environment: It depends on your preferences. Some parents prefer non-aircon, own outdoor compound for children to run around and close to nature, cleanliness of the school, safety measures taken by the school e.g. safety gates, meals (in-house or catering), size of the school and etc. 4. Teachers: whether they are open to feedback and communication. Normally during the visit I will ask how will be the two ways of communication method adopted by the teachers. However, this will only be known after your child has started school. There was once, I am very satisfied with the school but in the end I withdraw my daugther as the teacher communication is in chaotic, where they didn't track my fees payment. After I shorlisted a few, I will read up more reviews and feedback from internet. After that I will pay a visit to each school and make comparisons on their curriculum, school environment (clean and safe) and the ways of teachers handling the students. Some preschools provide trial period, e.g. 1 to 2 weeks trial class. You can join the trial class first before deciding.

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There are a lot of different options out there. It's up to you to weed through them all and determine the best fit. So, where do you start? Ask around. Anyone you know with kids is a good person to query, whether you know them from work, the neighborhood, playgroup, or the library. In particular, focus on the folks who have kids close in age to yours and whose kids have similar personalities. You may even want to have a chat with your pediatrician about what they might think, especially if your child has some underlying medical issues or mental health concerns.

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Hi Juliana, I had 6 criteria that i looked at when choosing a preschool for my boy: Curriculum, Infrastructure, how many students in every class and student teacher ratio, fee (of course!) and distance from home. I also requested a trial class at three of the schools I had narrowed down. They let me sit in. It was really helpful in making the decision.

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Hmmm jumping in here. I am not sure about having CCTV cameras in school. I personally have never felt the need for it. Also a lot of abuse may not take place in the actual class room. Bit I can understand your concern.

Thanks Samantha! Do u think having a CCTV installed in the classrooms should be taken into consideration? Paranoid after reading all those abuse cases in the news :(

I think you should shortlist a few preschools and check it out; whether you or your child like the school environment, facilities, teachers and curriculum.

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There's this really good article with great tips. Hope it helps you in your search.