Hi all mummies, my baby currently is 2 months old with 80% Breastmilk and 20% Formula (S26). Is it normal for him to poo every 2-3 days? or is the formula milk too heaty?

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I think that is because of the formula milk...before,my baby also poop every 2-3 days and his usually constipated. Sometimes,he’s crying while pooping. When I started exclusive breastfeeding,he poops everyday and he is not constipated at all.

It depends. Not all babies poo everyday. Some babies poo once every week and some poo everyday. My baby stops pooing everyday after he turns 1 month old. If the formula milk is too heaty, babies will have phlegm.

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Yes as long as baby is drinking well and there is no excessive bloating of the tummy is fine. Also look out for whether baby have a hard time to pass motion. You can drink vitagen or prune juice to let it pass through breastmilk to baby. It do help! I do

Hi i think its not normal. coz our doctor said before na dpat maka poop si lo atleast 1 per day. kahit sating mga adult hirap pag hndi tayo naka poop araw2 and its better to change your lo’s formula milk.

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Same here mamsh. Mixfeed but most of the time breastmilk ang kino consume ni baby. And yes, Same po na 2-3 days si lo mag poop kaya pinalitan ni pedia yung milk nya from nan optipro hw to nan al110

It's not normal at all, although the baby feeds, they also get bloated. Your baby should poo at least once a day.


Its normal :) ang hindi normal kapag inabot ng 5 days walang poops si baby :)

same with me,my baby poo every 4-5 days...she look fine,so i think its normal

Yes it is

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It's fine (:

It's normal