Hi mommies & daddies, let's get to know each other! Hindi ko pa gaano kakilala ang mga members dito sa ParentTown, please post your introduction below. Your name, ilan ang kids/expecting?, at ano ang ineexpect nyo na ma-experience at malaman dito sa ParentTown. Go, moms and dads!! :)

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I'm Charm. I have 2 toddlers- 3 & 1 year olds, boy and girl. I enjoy browsing Parenttown because it gives me new learning about various topics everyday.

Hello momies im rucell i have a 2 boys 7 years old and my baby is 11 months. What i like about parentTown is you can ask anyone if i have a question and share any of my experience w/ other parent.

hello sissies! Im Elle mother of 1 makulit na baby girl! dami ko learnings about parenting and chika na din from PT!

Hi Arabella here! Mom of 5 year old girl and 2 months old boy. I love reading. I read posts here and all the replies because I get to learn from it all. God bless!

Hi Im Ems Ugaban,i have kids a boy 7 yrs old and a girl 2 yrs. Old.As a mother,im looking some tips for being a mother on how to handle ng isang makulit na mga kids.,mga ibang tips din for thier health etc.ung girl ko kasi payat.sa pamamagitan nitong parent town makakakuha ako ng mga idea.thank you.

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Hey there. Dianne's the name. Proud mom of two adorable babies. My first born is 3years old and 6months and our baby is 1 and 3 months. Im having a hard time how to discipline my first born. Sobrang stubborn nya po and my mga bad words syang sinasabi na di ko alam panu nya natutunan. She's not listening pag pinagssbihan ko sya. And the sad part is she's so spoiled/brat kasi lht ng gsto nya sinusunod ng mom in law ko. What will i do parents para mag behave yung anak ko?

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Angelica here. Mom of one cute baby girl. She's 8 month old. I just want to learn more about parenting with the help of more experienced moms and dads and share my insights too about being a parent.

Gigi here! I have a 13 months old daughter. First time mom kasi ako kaya gusto ko nagbabasa ng posts regarding parenthood, etc. And what i like here, pwede ako magtanong na naka-anonymous hehe.

Hi Aria! I'm City. I have a daughter who just turned 1. I check ParentTown from time to time kasi I enjoy sharing my experiences kasi pinagdaanan ko din yung mga naeexperience ng ibang parents dito. Dito din ako nagtatanong kapag may need ako na input about parenting and motherhood.

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Hi! I'm Mabell, 2 years old na baby boy ko. His name is Shaun. I checked ParentTown often dahil I can get to talk to real parents na pwedeng pinagdaanan na din ang mga pagdadaanan ko pa as a parent.