Hi, my daughter is 3 mths, fully breastfed. Today, I went to polyclinic to check her 3 mths assessment. All are ok except her weight. Given that she is 3 mths, her weight is 5.1kg. The nurse said that she is like 10% percentile some sort like that. The nurse said that might be she is tall. The doctor said that I might have to feed her more. I told her my baby is always at my breast and drink. She will either drink or playing with my breast. So far she is ok. I am just wondered is my breastmilk not enough? Or should I feed her with formula milk? I try to feed her with formula milk and she do not like the bottle teats. I try to relax her to drink also can't. She is used to my breasts and mostly she is direct latch to drink. Any opinion mummies? I am really worried about her weight.

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My girl is also consider petite in fact she was about 4.7kg when she was slightly over 3mo, partly coz its genetic related. I was worried like you but my pd assured me that she is growing well and it is normal that bf babies tend to gain weight slower than fm babies. We can force them to drink if they don't wish to, we might create a negative effect in the end. As long as she has enough diaper output a day and still active, we should be glad that we are doing a great job! Just follow our babies cues and I'm glad that we have a very encouraging pd

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