how to not co sleep with my babe

Help me! My baby been co-sleeping with us since she's 2 weeks old and refused to sleep in her cot. I'm worried for her safety because she's 3 months old already. How do i teach her to sleep in her cot and make her comfortable without jeapordizing her safety. She seems to sense whenever we try to separate us from bed to her cot

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Hi. Have you tried using essential oil diffuser or massage some essential oil on her before she off to bed? I have tried those tricks before and it helps. Please ensure that your baby is really sleepy by the time of her bed time. Feed her until she's full. And slowly train her to put her aside (far away from you) after you fully feed her. When putting her down. Try to leave a blanket or any small shirt of yours (your smell works) and leave nearby her. she just want to feel more secure. try too to open up some lullaby starting before putting her to sleep till she sleeps. You can open up our media section and try any lullaby that suits your baby best

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