is it right?

'Health professional' at polyclinic always say follow the packaging prescribe at the back of the milk tin, but that is just a guide. 'Health professional' at KKH say must always feed baby according to weight every 3 hours. But I feel this 'health professional' sucks. I feel that we should feed according to our baby calling because as parents we should know what is right and what is best for our baby. If you baby is hungry past the point, acid reflux may happen and it cause vomiting. This is why I feel like 'Health professional' from KKH and polyclinic are not really profession, if they are, they should know that every babies metabolism rate is different. Not all babies are the same. Am I right?

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Super Mum

I believe they do know that every kid is different, but they can’t possibly tell every parent ambiguous statements like “give whatever amount you feel is right for your child”, so they can only give you standard guidelines. These guidelines are very helpful for parents/caregivers who have no idea how to begin, or who need specific instructions. It’s great that you are putting in effort to understand the individual needs of your child and adjusting accordingly:) At the same time, I hold the highest regard for healthcare professionals out there doing their best for their patients:)

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2y ago

OK, I agree with this statement. Thank you for your time Cherlyn!