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Hi we are parents of 2yrs old twins. We are looking for insurance companies that will offer health insurance for our twins since prudential, AIA and great eastern rejected us. Twin 1 has asymptomatic tiny right choroid plexus cyst @ birth and doctor has certified that she requires no intervention and discharged from any follow up. Twin 2 is fine. We approached our regular agent @ prudential and she said prudential can’t accept doctor’s memo as it is unresolved. Not sure what is there to be resolved and it seems that doctor’s memo is not trustworthy to prudential. According to the doctor, the cyst is common (either it will dissolved or it will show symptoms that the cyst got bigger). Twin 1 is perfectly fine and her developmental growth is the same as twin 2. We will be so grateful if premies parents can recommend a company that provide insurance health for premies. Thank you so much

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you don't have to even disclose it to the agent if it doesn't need follow up. If they are delivered in private hospital the insurance company won't know. It depends on the insurance agent.

Try contacting Aviva or Ntuc income?