Have you reached a point where you feel that you and your partner are not in sync? I mean pareho naman goals namin but I feel that he prioritizes differently and magkaiba din ang timelines namin to reach those goals. How did you get over that point in your life? It's so frustrating na kasi and I feel helpless lalo na't SAHM ako.

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At one point in our lives, we will really feel that. Minsan mapapaisip ka kung pareho pa ba kayo ng goals or if you still are on the same page. It really requires patience and understanding towards one another (and I meant a lot of it). And, to achieve this, dapat constant yung open communication niyo sa isa't isa.

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Yes, and I think nangyayari yan sa lahat ng relasyon. Kaya importante and constant communication. I recently learned and adapt (from a friend) yung concept ng "family meeting". Dito my husband and I discuss our plans including timelines, pati mga priorities namin and goals.

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