When you feel forgotten..

Have you ever felt like you've been forgotten? As moms (which many of you are), we often find ourselves silently hurt and overlooked, either by specific people, or simply from being a mom. Your friends haven't really been reaching out or don't ask how you're doing ever since you announced your pregnancy. Hardly anyone greeted you on your birthday, or your mom insisted that you plan something for her on Mother's Day (never mind that it was going to be your first one). You're on bedrest feeling lonely and isolated, especially when the rest of your family can go out to eat or even move around the house. Maybe you're home with the kids all day, and the endless messes you clean still feels like a thankless job. Or you rush home from work to your "second shift," feeling unappreciated for all that you do. I hear you, friend. So many moms tell me—in one way or another—how easy it is to feel forgotten. You are not alone, mama. It sure might feel like it when all you see are your friends and their large birthday parties or the Mother's Day cards and breakfasts-in-bed that leave you comparing and feeling forgotten. But remember, social media is highly, highly filtered: You don't see the stress, emotions, and frustration that can be difficult—and uncommon—to share online. You see, you are already worthy, just for being born and existing in this world! For being the mom your kids get to have. For fully living your life. Don't let circumstances or other people determine how you feel, or rely on others to be happy. Be happy simply because you are YOU! Spot the little things in life that bring you joy, and be proud of yourself and all your accomplishments, instead of waiting for others to acknowledge them. Yes, talk to others about how you feel, especially since we can't fault them for not reading our minds. Be open and explicit about feeling forgotten, and changes you'd like to see. Or simply vent how you feel with others, from friends to online forums. All this to reassure you that you are not the only one. And know this: you are NOT forgotten, friend. You are already making an impact, in whatever ways you're meant to, being the amazing person and mom that you are. So, try it today: Open to others about how you feel instead of bottling it up inside or handling it alone. Remember that you are already worthy, regardless of the public acknowledgment you might be expecting. -Nina Garcia ❤️

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