Restoring Our View of Motherhood (7-day Devotional)

Day 7 of 7 There was a season when my son was saying defeating words to himself. He called himself “stupid” and would put his head down and shame himself. It was terrible. We told him that those were lies coming out of his mouth. Stupid is not who he is. He may struggle in an area in school, but stupid is not his word. We needed to replace stupid with new words, like creative, kind, forgiven, gentle, thoughtful, selfless, loved. Does this happen in your life, dear one? You may not say it out loud, but is your mind telling you all kinds of untrue things? That you are not good enough, you don’t meet expectations, you are not loved? Let me remind you, friend, that nothing can separate you from the incredible love of your King:  Not one thing can separate you.  Not your anxiety.  Not your depression.  Not your chronic pain.  Not your debt.  Not your past.  Not your present.  Not your family history.  Not your mistakes.  Not your scars.  Not your unemployment.  Not your hurt.  Not your sin.  Not your broken marriage.  Not failures.  Not your worship of other things.  Not your fears. Nothing separates you from God’s love. He tore the curtain from top to bottom on the day He was crucified to display that there is nothing that disqualifies us from His love, that prevents us from access to the King.  Momma, you are so unbelievably loved. You can rest secure. You can rest in your identity as the child of the Most High King, a daughter who is incredibly loved.  Dear God, thank You for Your love. Thank You that not one thing can separate me from Your love. Help me to bring to You the parts of my life that I feel are unlovable and to acknowledge that despite it all, I am loved. Throughout the day, I want to hear You whisper to me about Your love. You are a good Father. Amen.  From: YouVersion app

Restoring Our View of Motherhood (7-day Devotional)
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