Has any mum lost control over LO to in laws or own parents? My LO is only 2yo and he is so attached to my mum, refused to let me carry or sleep with us. Stick to my mum like a koala bear and mum gives in everything to him. Well, that said, mum always have higher authority over us. Whatever we say, she just overwrite. We have tried telling her nicely, quarrel, being firm etc. And it has seem like husband and I already kind of giving up. We are staying with my parents, with 2 kids.

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I'm living with my parents, and people who are in similar situations would usually try NOT to come into any argument because they'll either think it's a way for us to "reciprocate" the kindness of our parents for letting us stay with them - but to me, these are two separate things. My LO doesn't stick to my parents more, but that could be because I'm a work-from-home mum so we do spend a lot of time together too. When he wants to eat, he goes to grandma. When he wants to do things Mummy and grandma doesn't allow, he will go to grandpa. When he wants to snuggle/sayang/play/explore new things/everything else, he'll come to me. What I'm trying to say is, don't let your parents or in-laws have higher authority over you - why? Because YOU are the parent, not them. Their time is already done, it's your turn to step up and parent your child. If they're doing something you're not agreeable with, do something about it. I'm not saying you shouldn't be appreciative or to rebel against them, show the respect you need - but request the same as your child's parent. Don't do things behind your back, especially if it's things you don't agree with - you're only telling your child that Mummy and Daddy doesn't matter and grandma/grandpa is the boss at home.

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My pil stay with us. My girl's favourite person is my fil as he was the one who spent the most time with her as a nb while I was pumping away and resting. No problem with that but he also spoils her. Have to give and take a little. After all, they do help to look after my girl. Those things that you have a strong stand about then have to put your foot down. Grandparents will always dote and spoil their grandkids. Their behaviour is different as parents. That is something that cannot be changed.

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Own mum can be discuss. In laws worse. I feel as Long as you spend adequate time with you lo, they will eventually close to you. Don't totally outsource and hard to discipline in future.

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Just bear with it first. I was totally rely on my mil last time and my first one was out of control. Tv, ipad, he feed up most of the time. Things will Be better once you get your house and on the your own. Good to be independent and less dispute with spouse.

Seems like my own mum! Best thing to do is spend more time with LO doing loads of fun stuff and activities. Try taking him out more often, just mummy, daddy n kid.